Incredible HTML5 Demo: The Wilderness Downtown

If you haven’t seen this yet, then take a look!

You want a fast machine and internet connection, but the effects are pretty stunning.



The Evolution of HTML5 iPhone Games

HTML5 games for the iPhone have been appearing since November 2009. Here’s how they’ve been evolving.

1. Pie Guy (November 2009)

Neven Mrgan’s Pie Guy got the ball rolling back in November 2009 with possibly the first proper HTML5 iPhone game. A take on the classic Pacman theme, Pie Guy demonstrated how to run an HTML5 iPhone game in full-screen mode and offline.

2. Fred Jones (February 2010)

A platform game with some smooth scrolling and nifty animations, Fred Jones was a fun romp that made use of the HTML5 Canvas element.

3. Akihabara (April 2010)

Akihabara was a selection of HTML5 arcade games in a traditional coin-op style. Although not specifically designed for the iPhone/iPod, they supported the devices by using touch-panel controls where an area of the touchscreen represented the directional controls and another area represented the buttons.

4. Hand of Greed (June 2010)

Released as a demo of a $0.99 iPhone app game, Hand of Greed from game developer Brainium Studios was based around a simple concept designed with a touchscreen interface in mind. It was more polished than previous games and gave us a real taste of what could be to come with mobile HTML5 games.

5. DS Effects (July 2010)

By mid-July we were no longer talking about a few isolated games. DS Effects offered a complete portal for HTML5 games and apps including a slew of HTML5 web app games suitable for the iPhone. From table soccer to word games, there were dozens of examples to look at.

The Future?

iPhone HTML5 games still suffer from a number of drawbacks compared to native iPhone app games (no sound being a big one), but as the HTML5 standard evolves and browsers add more support for mobile hardware, HTML5 games may be giving native app games a run for their money sooner than most people think.

6 Great Resources for HTML5 Mobile Web App Development

Here are 6 great resources to help you keep up-to-date with the latest in the world of HTML 5 development:

  1. Draft HTML 5 Standard – The definitive reference for HTML5 web app development.
  2. CanIUse – Find out whether enough browsers support that funky new feature you’re dying to use.
  3. HTML5Trends – A fantastic resource for HTML5 news and tutorials.
  4. HTML5Rocks – Google’s HTML5 developer resource.
  5. MobileHTML5 – a round-up of HTML5 mobile web app news from around the blogsphere.
  6. – Assorted development guides and news about the world of HTML5.

An App Store for Mobile Web Apps

Do you want to get more users for your mobile web app? Are you looking for free ways to promote your latest and greatest creation? Then I’d like to hear from you.

I’m looking to start an independent app store for mobile web apps, particularly web apps making good use of the exciting new features of HTML5 in recent versions of mobile browsers.

If you have a great mobile web app that you’d like to see featured on this site, then please tell me about it in a comment below.